Seasonal Food – What To Eat in June

Seasonal Food – What To Eat in June

Seasonal Food – What To Eat in June


June is of course the season of British strawberries and sadly the last we see of British asparagus.

Our bursting salad garden has been relocated on the roof top of the kitchen extension away from snails and slugs.

I have also added to our herb garden some delicious new varieties including Moroccan Mint, Black Mint, Lemon Thyme, French Tarragon and Lemon Verbena.


What to eat this June:

  • Asparagus – sweet and tender, asparagus can be eaten simply on their own and make great additions to quiches, risottos, pastas, soups etc . . .
  • Broad Beans
  • Broccoli – steamed, stir fry or raw broccolis are versatile and so good for you!
  • Carrots – versatile and delicious raw or cooked.
  • Fennel – delicious not only raw in salad but also baked in the oven.
  • Lettuce – nutritious and delicious. Try roasting it for a change.
  • New Potatoes – perfect in salads, jazz them up with herbs.
  • Peas – try some raw fresh peas or steam them for a few minutes.
  • Radish – young radishes are delicious raw with salt and butter. They also make a great addition to salad.
  • Rocket – peppery rocket makes a delicious salad. Use it as a garnish or to accompany other ingredients.
  • Spinach – delicious dark green leafy spinach can be eaten in raw or cooked. Too much heat will damage some of its nutritional contents so best to eat it raw (in salads or smoothies) or by steaming it lightly.
  • Spring Onion – much milder than onion Spring onion are harvested before the onion bulb has a chance to grow. Eat them raw or cook.
  • Watercress -bursting with vitamins and minerals, watercress is extremely good for you. Great detox ingredient you can it raw or cooked.
  • Kiwi
  • Rhubarb
  • Strawberry

Don’t forget to share your favourite seasonal recipes in the comments box below!

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